Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Its a Beautiful Morning

Ok, so I have allowed myself one decadence--NO ALARM CLOCK!! I love it! I sleep until my body says, "OK, you can get up now" I have never done this. I have been tired all my life, it seemed like I could never get enough sleep. So, I decided, what the hell?? Who will care? And it feels so great!! I have noticed that I am starting to wake up earlier and go to sleep a little later every day. Maybe I am getting caught up?? The experiment lives on.....
I had such a nice day yesterday, feeling much better than on Sunday. Not sure what that was all about... Anyway, I got a lot done and enjoyed every minute of it. I finished getting the rest of the upstairs put back together since I destroyed the whole area just trying to get my studio in order-which I LOVE, have I told you that lately? lol Anyway, back to my day, all that was left was the yucky stuff that I didn't want to deal with, I hate that, I always leave the worst for last:) But it is all done and looks very nice. Even Jacobi cleaned her room-wonders never cease....
I worked in my studio until about 9:00 on the aprons for the bug boil, they are definitely getting better as I go!! had a little snafu, my machine kinda locked up so I will have to take in with me when I go to my class tomorrow and hopefully its an easy fix. If not, I do have a back-up just not sure how to use my new fancy machine yet, so hopefully tomorrow will fix that. Oh believe me, it will take me the next year to really learn that thing but if I can do some basic stitching, I'm in business.
Its crazy, I think all night long of how to make the next one better and then wake up so ready to try it that I don't want to do anything else-there is that obsessive behaviour again. I feel like when I walk into my studio I have entered another world, one that is so comfortable and totally ME.
Another great thing about my journey is reconnecting with all my old friends that I haven't seen in years, just not having the time and being so consumed with my career. I just got a phone call from Brenda Belcher-who I love-and have been such a terrible friend to that I have not even seen her grandson that will be a year in June!!!! I am going to have lunch with her on Friday in Alma and I am so looking forward to it!! I also reached out to another old friend, Kim, and we are having lunch tomorrow. Never again will I let this happen. The most important things in life are family and friends!!!! While we are on the subject, I have a very dear and old friend that is very ill right now, Brian Bergersen. He has been having mini strokes, he has had surgery and will now have to have another due to finding a whole in his heart that will have to be patched. I pray for him daily and little scenes periodically will roll thru and I remember something we did, how stupid we were, or him!! lol But mostly how much fun we had! He has to recover!!! I am not ready to lose him!!!!!
With that, I will say bye for now.
See ya later

Sunday, April 25, 2010


"I saw this, and thought this is why it is important to do what you are doing this weekend.

Just as two streams flowing together produce a mightier current,
Ideas meet and mingle,
producing new shades of experience
and meaning.
When time-honored practices are viewed
through the lens of new technologies,
and old materials are used
in fresh ways,
uncommon visions emerge, intermingle,
and invite further investigation.
Confluence creates fresh patterns,
etches new channels,
and forges a deeper flow.
When diverse cultures and ideas
intersect and then merge,
our art and our world are transformed."

So, its been awhile...

OK, I didn't forget about you!! I have been alternating between busy and moody, honestly-not very unusual for me.
I left off getting ready to go to the Sewing with Nancy Retreat and I LOVED IT!! I'm not sure if it was just the fact that I was around so much creative energy, the fact that I was actually making things or my new friend I made-Myra Theriot. No matter I came away each day so inspired and jazzed I couldn't stop talking about everything I had learned that day....poor Chris, he is so patient with me these days!! I love him for that. The first class I had was on the Embellisher machine---oh boy, I told you my passion was for felt and now a needle felting machine--I called Chris and didn't really ask, just informed, that I was buying it!! I was on cloud nine that whole day!! The next couple of days were equally inspiring, I loved Nancy! She is beautiful-inside and out! She is funny, entertaining and very talented of course-not to mention smart. She was great. I also had the privilege to meet Evy Hawkins, now she is more my style. What a very sincere, beautiful and talented lady she is. I so loved her work and asked if she was having any classes and lucky for me they were putting one together that weekend for November in Tulsa-you guessed, I was the first to sign up!! She was so sweet, when I purchased a couple of her tutorials to make on my new Embellisher she encouraged me to get an Embroidery machine and all sorts of doors would open. Now, I think I told you, I was "fired", ok, laid off-lol, so the thought of spending thousands of dollars for another machine just seemed out of reach. That was until Chris sent me and email, followed by another....
The first: I posted, was a perfect thought about Confluence. The timing could not have been better.
The second: He said get the machine!!
WOW!! I showed both emails to Myra and she was so touched she got tears in her eyes!! So00, I am the luckiest girl in the world!!
Now that I have my new machines it is a priority to get my studio organized and learn how to use all my machines!!!!
Saturday night, April 15th, we went to Curt and Sarah's wedding. I felt like a million bucks!! I had just experienced the best 3 days, I have a fabulous husband who loves me to pieces and I looked hot!! I was feeling beautiful from the inside out. I can't tell you the last time I had that experience-it was humbling and exhilarating all at once. To know there is so much out there that you just can't wait to go and explore and to feel the love and support that you need to encourage you on. I promise, it was majical! For me anyway, everyone else got the And, And, And Robin!! lol!!!
Sunday, I really didn't feel so well from all my "celebrating" Saturday night, so needless to say I didn't do much. Except go for a long drive and come home and veg. I wished I hadn't wasted a day from self inflicted wounds when Chris was home, we have so little time together these days.
Which leads me into this last week. Chris left bright and early Monday morning and I started on my studio-what a project. This family has more craft supplies-crazy! That took a few days but really I enjoyed it, looking at all the things each of us made in our art classes in school. Basic art classes have not changed much-its the only thing that hasn't!! Mine, Jacobi & Jordan's portfolios have a lot of the same exercises in them-fun stuff.
I guess the moody part kind of came and went. The realization that I have been out of the art world for a long time and the fear of all the things I don't know. Not to mention I have all these beautiful machines with no clue how to work them. Ok, a basic idea on 2, absolutely none on my monster. My biggest fear isn't really failure but... hmmm, just not being creative or good enough or have any ideas, or worst of all letting down all the people that believe in me. Then, the next minute, I'm over it and inspired all over again and feel so lucky to be able to follow my passion, knowing absolutely it is the right thing to do. I will say, my studio turned out like everything I ever wanted!! I love to be in there!! That is probably where some other frustration comes in, with my obessive behavior, I don't want to do anything else. Don't get me wrong, I don't have a lot of demands on my time, it is mostly ME!! I have to pull the weeds, find a gardener, check the garden, do laundry, clean toilets, floors, windows. The problem is I make everything a major ordeal!! Huge mountains to climb-all day projects! Seriously Robin-Really??? I have got to get a grip. I have been multi-tasking for years, with lots of interuptions, why am I finding this so hard some days?
I am trying to make aprons for the Bug Boil this weekend. At first I couldn't wait to get started but now, again, I realize how much I don't know. So, I do have a class scheduled for Wed to learn my Embroidery machine. That will help with some of my frustration. I did play for a bit and had a blast just learning all the things my Quilters Choice machine will do, I actually really like the little practice piece I made.
Tomorrow I am going to start on the skirt for my work table so i can use all that space for storage. The people at the fabric store were absolutely wonderful, as soon as they found out what I was doing they were giving me all kinds of ideas and advice, I had a blast. The one thing I know for sure is people love to share with you what they know. I am not usually a very open person with my thoughts and feelings and don't share them with very many people BUT I am changing!! I need others, to share with, to learn from, to be vulnerable and admit I need help!! I can not grow spiritually or creatively without help, from my old friends, current friends and new ones to be made. I am so looking forward to reaching out and discovering new ideas and paths. Where exactly my journey will take me is not known but I do know I go with an open heart, eyes and ears.
Today, I have not been feeling well-stomach problems-but I spent the day reading and finding new artists on the Internet. I discovered a new site and artist that I find inspiring and signed up for an on line class with her. I knew I would love her when I found her web-site, Creative Chick Studios, Susan Sorrell, my class starts when I get back from vacation in June, YIPPEE!!
Good Bye for now.....

PS-Jacobi had a great weekend and bought a new car--RAV 4 Sport!! It is perfect for her!
Jordan was at her golf tournament in Atlanta and made a birdie!! She is flying high!!
Chris was in DC, riding his bike all of the place, exploring new worlds.
I am a lucky girl!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

April 16, 2010

So, where was I, Oh ya, Saturday-Walk for Autism. Me, Jacobi, Molly, Meagan & Essa headed to Bentonville but only after Chris made us all breakfast. Not knowing we ate all the eggs and left him with nothing and he never said anything. I love that man! He would do anything for us-we need to take care of him!!! Anyway, it was a beautiful morning and lots of people were there. We went on the Fun Walk, which was just going around a rather small circle, we really should of went on the 5K. No matter, I loved being with my girls. Afterwards we all went to look at where Meagan is living and how she decorated her room-darling. Meagan was telling us about a cupcake shop in downtown Bentonville, so I said let's try it-6 Cupcakes for 16.00, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? I didn't think to look at the price, they were cupcakes for godsakes!! Oh well, they kids enjoyed them.
When we got home, Chris and I headed for Farmers Market in Fayetteville. I love going there. We bought some eggs and Jeresalem Artichokes...hmmm, interesting. It looks like a ginger root-we'll see. I'm up for trying "just" about anything once. Then headed over to Home Depot and ended up buying more than we had planned-surprise!! Then headed to lunch at our favorite Mexican food restaurant-Little Charleys, yummy!! By the time we got home I was exhausted and took a nap. Not Chris, of course, he continued to work in the yard. We had a fabulously decadent night, drank some scotch and crawled into bed early to watch a movie-Precious. Wow, not an exactly uplifting movie, it actually kind of pissed me off. If I could of gotten a hold of those parents.....hmmmm. Anyway, we then went to sleep early. I love it when he is home.
Sunday was another beautiful day and we headed for Heber Springs to watch Jordan thru a practice round before her tournament starts on Monday. What a beautiful course and area with the lake all around. Chris and I fell in love!!! We met Jordan's teammates and I know she loved having us both there. She is so darn precious. She had planned on leaving with us and staying at Daddy Dave's & Lady Di's but when she found out she had an 8:00 o'clock tee time she thought again, lol. So we kissed her good bye and she headed back to Conway and we went to Benton, where we were spoiled rotten as usual!! Dave didn't have any scotch so he borrowed some from his neighbor-:) You gotta love it!! We had a wonderful dinner as usual. I love them so much and they are so fun to be with!!!
Monday, I took Chris to work and he headed for DC early afternoon.
The next couple of days were kind of uneventful, working in the yard and planting all my seeds and getting things cleaned up. I planted my first vegetable garden ever!! Crazy huh? I know, I know, but Chris has always done it. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Hopefully, we will have lots of vegys this summer.
Now, the fun begins----Sewing With Nancy Retreat!! YIPPEE
Stay tuned, I have to run now but will fill you in on all the Fabulous Details!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April 13, 2010

Wow, I have so much to tell you about the weekend and my clear vision for the future but first I have to talk about the last 2 calls I have recieved. Last night Shelly called me just as I got into bed and told me Brian has had 21-21, mini strokes and is going in for surgery on Friday. He has a 90% blockage in his artery. OMG, I can't believe it. Ever since Brian "divorced us" we have not been that close, but I know last year at the reunion he was trying to make his way back and last week he called Jordan-Jordan who loves him with all her heart and was heart broken when he didn't come to her High School Graduation! She was happy to hear from him and he wanted her to know that he loves her. He wasn't feeling well then and must have been scared. He called me but I was out with the girls and couldn't really talk. We have such a long history, Brian and I, going back to 7th grade. The walls are coming down-I will regain our friendship. I have to believe I will have plenty of time for that!!
Then this morning I get a call from Meagan that Jacque is in the hospital with pnuemonia-I didn't even know she was that sick!! I called her and luckily it's not pnuemonia but bronchitis, a stomach virus and she was dehydrated. Yuck-that 's pretty sick. I know all about what happens to you when you are dehydrated and its not fun. So, this morning I am off to the store to get her prescriptions and some clear liquids.
I feel kind of guilty now telling you about my weekend-it was so nice!! Friday I
UPDATE-Just got a call from Marie, the wheels are falling off the bus at the Depot. Quinn said he is pulling his hair out, running all over the place, hating life. That both HR groups in Atlanta are a joke and nothing is running according to plan-SHOCKING (to quote Ms Marie)
OK, back to Friday, I got some much needed cleaning done and just as I got out of the shower I saw Chris at my bedroom door trying to get in. Surprise!! He wasn't suprose to be home this weekend but he flew into Little Rock where Jordan met him and he took her back to Conway and borrowed her car for the weekend. I Loved It! I miss him so much, especially on weekends. So that was the start to a perfect weekend. I went and picked up Blake and he drove me to the post office, then to Garfield for a Big Dipper twist-yummy! He is such a good driver and we had a great time-I love that kid! He is so fun now that he is thru those awkward middle years. We were in the bug and he liked the fact that Jordan learned to drive in that too-he's so cute. Then we drove up to Belle Vista when for the first time he drove to his girlfriends house and I got to meet Brook. Those to a sooo cute they're dangerous!! When I got home, Jacobi, Meagan & Essa were there and then Marie & Steph showed up. We all had such fun taking turns holding Essa and telling stories. After Marie and Steph left, Jacobi had a little fight with Neal and was pretty upset-very upset, a little PMS was involved also, but I haven't seen her cry like that in a long time. I was trying to give Chris attention and Jacobi-Jacobi won. Chris was watching a movie when the TV died-wow it really did end up being a crazy night!!!!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

The End of Week 1

So, this is the end of week one. It has been a very busy week, yesterday I worked on the Habitat for Humainty house project in Bentonville. I have been working with them for over a year helping them to obtain financing from Home Depot and then a day of Team Depot volunteering. I LOVED yesterday. I feel so good giving back and helping others, also the commoraderie with the people you are sharing your day with. It really was a great day. I would be lying if I didn't tell you the whole story. Kathryn, the DM, showed up for her photo Op as we say. I'm not going to lie, it pissed me off that she was there. For her its not about the giving back-it truely is just a photo op to show her boss or get some mileage out of it somewhere. And the truth of the matter is--she didn't do a damn THING!! I mean it!! Not getting it set up, and definitely nothing while she was there. Can you believe it?? She comes to a Team Depot event and STANDS there for 4 hours. Literally, I couldn't believe it. She did not do anything--but talk. Bob Penn came and did a little-but most of the time she monolpolized him. Quinn didn't even show up-Sam was there and he helped at least he redeemed the district team to some extent!! The she proceeds to come into the room where I was working with the 2 girls who are now taking over the HR responsiblities and proceeds to tell them what their new "HR Captainships" are, right in front of me. I felt like she was just rubbing it in. This is the woman who since we found out has not said 2 words to us, in 2 months!! Not, "How are you doing?" "What are you going to do now?" "We will miss you!" "I wish you were all ready gone....." nothing! She is a stone cold bitch. And then she has the nerve to come and sit by me at lunch and try to be nice-yuck! I promise, I get along with almost everyone but she is one person I can honestly say-I DO NOT LIKE!
Anyway, moving on, on the flip side I havesuch good friends there that I will definitely maintain their friendships. A lot of very good people-I wish them all the best!!
After painting all day I had to race to the dentist-I was a mess! lol Paint on my face all over my hands and clothes but no worries. I love that place, they are the nicest people ever. They were so interested in the project we were doing and Amy, the little girl who cleans my teeth, has to be the sweetest thing ever!! She always asks me about Jacobi & Jordan-who are they doing? Who are they dating? Is Jordan excited about graduating college? She is precious!!
I then came home, made beef stroganoff-for just me "silly" but it didn't turn out very tasty I will have to Dr it up a bit more today. There was a threat of frost, why wouldn't there be-since we just planted our pots!! So, I made sure all the plants had garbage bags on them-not a very good idea but will work in a short pinch.
And to top off my day, I had a massage!! PERFECT!! I loved my day-except Kathryn-but she is insignificant to me!!!!!!!!!!
Then I went to bed and finished my book Firefly Lane-crying thru the whole ending. My tshirt was completely wet. I am glad Chris wasn't here, he would think I was so silly!!
Today, I am looking forward to finishing cleaning the bathrooms and my closet. Going driving with Blake after school and maybe seeing Marie and Steph. Another great day. The only thing that would make it better is if Chris were coming home!! Next week-end.
I am reading everything I can and learning all about the craft world. I am following my passion. I am finding classes I want to take this summer, reading a beautiful new magazine I just ordered-LaVieClaire, The Art of Living a Creative Life!! It is so inspirational!! It's about women and for women!! I want to go to flea markets, walk in a field with flowers, read and feed my soul. I want to touch the earth and have a beautiful garden with fresh vegetables and lots of flowers-unstructured flowers. Whimsical flowers-my inspiration!!
Well so much for now,
I will talk to you tomorrow!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day 7

I feel much better today. I had a really nice day, cleaning the family room, breakfast area & kitchen. It feels good!! I had the music on, the windows open and a nice breeze was coming thru the house. Everything looks nice.
Jacobi picked up Essa and brought her home after work today. I love that precious little girl. She is so darn cute. I had layed her down and took Jacobi some stuff out to her car, when I got back in the family room little Ms Essa had her thumb in her mouth and was sound asleep. No kidding I was not gone for 2 minutes!! She is so precious.
More good news-Blake got his drivers permit!! YIPPEE!! We are going driving on Friday!!
I addressed all of Jordan's Graduation announcements and will send them out tomorrow, along with some Thank You cards to the Branson store and a Mothers Day card to my Mom.
I just finished dinner and am watching my favorite-Law and Order-Special Victims Unit.
I am looking forward to tomorrow-Habitat for Humanity build in Bentonville with the Fayetteville & Rogers Home Depot's. It should be a great day.
Also, Jordan got her graduation gift, a new set of golf clubs, and she is soo excited!! I am so happy for her-she deserves them!!
Well, Bye for now!
See you tomorrow

Day 6

Well, Kind of an uneventful day. I took Chris to the airport at 6:30 and he is off for the next 2 weeks. I feel kind of lonely. I worked in the yard, planting 80 bulbs--yuck, and in beds that have fabric guard. It is so windy everything is flying away. I also put out tree and shrub food because it is suppose to storm tonight. I went grocery shopping and made pull-apart-meat, for most people it is called Pot Roast. Jacobi & Neal ate dinner and watched a movie with me while I put together a mailing list so I can send out Jordan's graduation announcements. I went to bed early and read my book until 11:30-Firefly Lane.
Slow day...
The end....
Until tomorrow

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 3-5

Wow, have I been busy. Jordan and Chris are home for Easter weekend and we are frantically trying to get as much done in the yard as possible since Chris is only home every other weekend and we have 20 people coming over for Easter dinner.
The weather on Saturday was absolutely perfect!! Sunny, a light breeze, the best for working in the yard. I worked on the herb garden and the vegetable garden, rebuilding the rock wall, turning the soil, and weeding. That pretty much took me all day-I might be a little OCD...hmmm, but when it was done, if I do say so myself, it looked beautiful. While I spent all day on that, Chris managed to plant 100 bulbs, thin and transplant existing plants, and plant all the pots on the patio. We make a good pair, my OCD and his ADD-LOL!! I will have to go behind him and clean up but man, did he get a lot done. At the end of the day---I could not walk! Seriously, I hurt so bad, so did Chris. What a pair we make! Jordan worked on homework and ran errands for us. She is so much fun, I love having her home and you do know when she is home because she leaves a trail wherever she goes. :) We ordered Pizza, had a scotch, took 2 Advil PM's and went to bed.
That was a bad idea-for me anyway, I knew it would be-taking 2 PM's I mean. Sunday I was awful. I had a minor breakdown in the morning, stressing out about getting the house cleaned and everything done before our guests arrived and was just slightly out of it all day. I hate that I did that to myself because I was so looking forward to everyone being here. I don't think anyone noticed but I know I was forcing myself instead of naturally enjoying family time. Dinner turned out great though, Chris made a huge ham, I made a broccoli and rice casserole, Jacque brought Grammy's shrimp salad, Randy & Jeremiah brought macaroni salad, Billy added the rolls and sodas, and Anthony made fantastic enchiladas. Grandmother brought her traditional Easter cake, always a big hit and Francille's deviled eggs, dinner was served. The biggest hit of the day was Essa, what a dool baby she is. 5 months old and precious beyond belief. She is the golden child!! Neal and Noah showed up later and the Easter bunny had just left, leaving behind a basket and eggs for Noah to find. He is such a doll. Him and Jacque hit it of fabulously!! It has always been our tradition to put bathing suits in the kids Easter baskets-kind of the kicking off of outdoor activities, plus I was always so practical. So, the tradition lives on...both Noah and Essa had bathing suits in their baskets. Jacobi and Jordan got one too!!! By the end of the night I fell into bed exhausted and happy. Even happier knowing I didn't have to go to work the next day. My new life was officially starting!! Yippee
Monday, I did what every newly unemployed person does, I slept in. No alarm clock, just slept until I wanted to get up. I woke up at 6:15, 7:00, 7:30, Jordan called at 8:15, still in bed, and then I went back to sleep until 9:30! It was awesome. Chris was home, the windows were open and a cool breeze kept flowing over me, I could hear the birds singing-just Perfect I say!! I got up and checked my emails-I hadn't checked them since Friday-ughh-got all caught up on that and Chris said lets take a nap, so I did! I love the first day of Act 2. lol When I got up this time I finally feel rested. I did some laundry, cleaned the kitchen and laundry room, talked to my Mom for an hour, it was great. Chris came home with some great new plants for my pots and I planted those while he cleaned the garage. We both came in, took showers and watched the Men's NCAA Basketball championship game-Butler vs Duke. What a fabulous game, the only thing that could of made it better is if Butler had Won!! But boy, they put up a heck of a fight. I can't wait for next year.
Well, good-bye for now.
Talk to you tomorrow.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day 2

Wow, what a busy and great day. Jordan is home thru Easter and the house has lots of activity getting ready for our company at Easter dinner-20 people. So, Chris and I are shopping for plants in the pouring rain. We will be very busy tomorrow getting them in the ground and it is suppose to be a beautiful day. We stopped by the grand opening of Mac A Doodles in Springdale and you would think we had never seen a Liquor store before. The place was packed!!! I have to admit I am excited about it too since we live in a dry county and that is right across the border, so convenient and so many choices, its huge! YIPPEE!! lol We went to Sam's club and got some stuff for Easter dinner and bought a beautiful pot, I can't wait to plant it, it will look great on the back patio. Then we went to lunch-he headed back to work and I came home to unload. Billy was here fixing the TV and receiver, Jordan was waiting for me so we could run to our favorite store----TJ Maxx!! I put everything away and arranged my fresh cut flowers in a vase, I LOVE fresh flowers, they are soo beautiful. Chatted with Billy for a while and then headed out. We had fun shopping and then ended up at Westwoods buying fantastic ferns and some annuals to spruce up the yard.
To end up a perfect day, just the 4 of us had a date night. We all got dressed up and went to Ruth's Chris for dinner to celebrate the ending of Home Depot and the beginning of a new journey for me. It was absolutely wonderful. I can't remember the last time just the 4 of us went to dinner, I treasured every minute. I had a couple of scotch's, relaxed and enjoyed--perfect!!
Jordan asked me today why I had taken off my nails, I told her I couldn't have them and do yardwork, housework and my art projects with them. Her comment--Goody, I got my Mom back!!!
Enough said.....
bye for now-see ya tomorrow
Well, that was it for day 2

Friday, April 2, 2010

Day 1

Today is the first day of the rest of my life........haha I know that has been said so many times it sounds silly saying it here. But the truth of the matter is, today really is the start of a new beginning. Today is officially my last day at Home Depot as a Human Resource Manager. January 26 2010 we got the news we have all been laid off-900 of us. Although some relocated to Atlanta-100 to be exact, the rest of us were given 2 months to continue working and a 4 months severance. So here I am today-my last day, shutting the door on a 9 year career that I totally enjoyed. I remember telling everyone when they asked how I was doing with the news-- that it felt like when someone broke up with you that you wanted to break up with first. My life was changing and it was becomming harder and harder to juggle home and work, so I do believe this was meant to be.
During my 2 months of closure I have been on a journey-and it has only just begun!! What do I want to do?? I want to follow a passion, something I love to surround myself with. My background is Interior Design and I didn't really want to go back into it in the traditional way, not to mention the economy sucks so probably a pretty tough time to be the new kid on the block. Marie Twaddle and co-worker and recently laid off HR Mgr and one of my best friends is in love with Christmas! She has been convincing me that we need to start a line of Christmas stockings and accessories because she just couldn't find anything beautiful out there and is sure we can do better. Well, I have to admit, at first-although I tried to be supportive-I just couldn't wrap my brain around making Christmas stockings. Did I mention, she has no idea how to sew? lol! So when we found out we were laid off I figured I would have a little time on my hands and decided that before I could design anything I have to learn whats been happening in the Arts & Crafts world since I've been playing HR Mgr. So I have been on a mission, boy have I ever. I LOVE IT!! I'm not sure exactly what I will be when I grow up but one thing I know for sure I am on the right path. I have raised my kids, look forward to grandkids someday but right now I feel it is my turn to remember what it was that I loved to do. ART! I love to create things. I love to make things beautiful. I am now on board with Marie and Christmas stockings...lol! And so much more.
I have big plans for phase 2.....I am going to start at the gym and finally get some exercise!! Yippee!! I am going to educate myself on eating right and being healthy-I have already started by getting my seeds planted indoors for my garden this year. I took a How to Make Cheese class recently while visiting Chris in DC, I am going to touch every inch of my house for Spring cleaning and reunite with it, I have researched art & quilt workshops on the internet....I am almost to the end as my family would say...they are silly!! I want to learn EVERYTHING!! about Surface Design, Embellishing, Quilting and mostly FELTING!! I am so obbessed its crazy. I took a Felting class in DC and am absolutely in love. I want to know and do it all. I have big plans for me and Felt. I have since visited the Testile Museum in DC where they are having a Nuno Felt exhibit, I bought 2 Felting books there. I read every word before I got home and then ordered two more. I haven't started them yet. Marie hasn't quite caught up to me, she is where I was when we first started talking about a business. She is a kinda in a fog right now but I am sure she will catch up.
I have to mention how extremely supportive and what a fabulous and fantastic husband I have. He jumped in immediately and helped me re-design my studio-put in my built in wall storage and made my sewing desk. The coolest thing is my Memo Center he just finished--ohhh--it is sooo cool, with a white board and 2 cork panels that slide across-its the BOMB..He has never laughed at the idea of creating a business by making stockings or my love of the felting process. In fact he has been my rock, supporting all my crazy ideas and new loves-always encouraging me to find out more and trust my instincts. I would not have this confidence if not for his love. All of my family is so excited for me, although they don't quite get where I am going, hell, I'm not sure myself-lol, but they see how excited I am and they are there for me!!! I love them all. I am so blessed.
So, there is some background to this new phase-Act 2!! I don't have a moment to waste. Until tomorrow.

Transcendental Etude

No one ever told us we had to study our lives, make of our lives a study, as if learning learning natural history or music, that we should begin with the simple exercises first and slowly go on trying the hard ones, practicing till strength and accuracy became one with the daring of breaking down the wild arpeggio or faulting the full sentence of the fugue.
--And in fact we can't live like that: we take on everything at once before we've even begun in the midst of the hard movement, the one already sounding as we are born.

Adrienne Rich