Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Table Cloth

OK, I have been having so much fun, I didn't really mean too. I told you about the tow adarondack chairs I bought and the pillow cases I made-it worked by the way. We had severe weather last night and high winds and my chairs-didn't move an inch!! YIPEE Well, I needed something for a centerpiece on the table and I found the perfect "firepit"! It is so cool and has a glass vase that will protect the fire with the wind. But it needed more-a table cloth. I had some extra fabric from the cushions & pillows I had made so I pulled them out. Originally I was just going to make a quick red cloth, because I have a long list of projects and this was not one of them, but it quickly became a major project-of course!! I cut out the pattern from some of the left over fabric from the pillows and appliqued them in leaf and flower patterns. It looks so cool!! I learned a few things-which is the idea- and I am sure there is more to know. I used thread paint and embellished the appliques. Patience!!!! It takes a long time and I could have done a whole lot more but I feel pretty good with the way it turned out. I am going to take it to B Sew Inn and find out some tricks of the trade to have made the outcome not pucker quite so much and definitely not use the web fusing that gums your needle. there has to be a better way. I have all the stabilizers and I'm thinking I should have used one of them. But it started off as just playing and I wanted to use the old stuff first. Not really a good idea. So, I spent most of the day yesterday and today but I got it done. I wanted to finish it before Chris came home so I could surprise him. I think he is going to like it.
I loved this project-it was so fun. I didn't have any clear vision of the final project and each step was a surprise. Even if I thought I had an idea, when I would start sewing the machine may have had a different plan. lol
Anyway, I have totally enjoyed this project. Chris asked me today if me or Marie had started missing work yet---NO WAY!!!
Talk to you later!!


Judith said...

You should take pictures of your projects. It would be fun to see what you're making.

Robin said...

Good idea!! I will try it this morning!!

Judith said...

Yeaaaaa. I'll check back to see the photos. It sounds like you are having a great time!! I feel the same way when I start recording my music. It's so much fun to try new things!!

Transcendental Etude

No one ever told us we had to study our lives, make of our lives a study, as if learning learning natural history or music, that we should begin with the simple exercises first and slowly go on trying the hard ones, practicing till strength and accuracy became one with the daring of breaking down the wild arpeggio or faulting the full sentence of the fugue.
--And in fact we can't live like that: we take on everything at once before we've even begun in the midst of the hard movement, the one already sounding as we are born.

Adrienne Rich